Little Moments Make The Biggest Impressions

I’m thinking of different little moments me and J spent together at CS. There was the day we went to church together for the first and only time, we hugged endlessly and held hands throughout the whole ordeal, as we had not been permitted to be in any type of physical contact prior to that moment (the reason of course being CS’s strict personal boundry rules). The only reason we were able to have contact that intimate was because we were left alone without staff watching us while we were there. It made me feel so good to finally be able to hug the friend that I loved so much, when we were both in a position where we were alone in a hopeless place in a hopeless city. All of Alaska feels hopeless, honestly. On the outside, it is beautiful.. but dig deeper and you’ll find that there are many underlying problems with a large portion of the population. Substance abuse and suicide is an epidemic here.. I guess in Alaska, we’re all sad in some way or another.

After the church date, there was the time during group therapy that we all took turns asking questions off of strips of paper drawn from a bowl. Me and J both managed to get questions such as “Should same sex marriage be legal?” and “Is it ok for men to wear women’s clothes, or for women to wear men’s clothes?” everyone in the group had to give an answer to the questions given, we really had a laugh that day.

Then there was the morning we had the fashion show.. that one deserves its own post, so it will be up next. 😉

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