Today I almost went back to something I promised i’d never do again. Old habits die hard I guess, especially when you’re desperate for money. With Male prostitution, its  easy to gain customers. There are plenty of horny perverts out there who would never dream of coming out of the closet, so they look for quick hookups with random men they meet online, or guys like me, who they pay.

I made quite a bit of money last year servicing guys i’d never even dream of touching in those ways if the situation had been different. But life is hard. Sometimes you have to do things you aren’t proud of. Sometimes you have to force yourself to quit, because it hurts to much, because money isn’t worth it.

I bailed out on the customer I was supposed to meet up with today at 2:00pm. He was an old client, one from last time. I just didn’t show up, even after he had booked a room, and I was going to make half my weekly income in a matter of 2 hours. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it…

Maybe i’ll force myself into it one or two more times, if that’s what it takes for me to get out of this city, to go take care of my boyfriend (i’ll talk more about my boyfriend adventure in a few blog posts, this isn’t going to be a blog that is solely based on my best friend J) in Seoul, Korea. and maybe someday, go get J, and head off for england. He wants to go there too, like I do. It’d be nice to take a break there for a while.. it’d be nice to see my friends A, JB, and M.

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