Not The Only “Gay” One Anymore

I entered the building just as everyone was preparing for dinner. The staff quickly introduced me to the rest of the teens staying at CS, I smiled and told them my name, and explained that i’m trans. (considering I was sleeping on the girls side, that definately needed to be addressed.) and that’s when I saw J…

I could tell right away that he was gay. It seems to be some kind of built in sixth sense for some people. I’ve always been able to have a pretty clear idea of a person’s orientation within my first meeting with them, though occasionally it takes until the second or third time.

When I told him that i’m  trans and have a gay boyfriend that i’m engaged to his face lit up and he told me that he was gay. There weren’t any other LGBT youth in the shelter besides the two of us, we clicked right away.

“You should come eat yogurt with me!” He exlaimed as he pulled me into the kitchen and we both took a strawberry yoplait yogurt cup from the far end of the 3 doored refridgerator. We took our yogurt and sat at one of the two wooden tables in the dining area and started chattering away about our lives.

I loved the expressive nature of his whole body. J doesn’t just say something and sit there boringly like a normal person would. He uses his whole being to express himself. He is a walking piece of art, a natural performer, and quite handsome. We talked about our career goals, which turn out to be simular, our hobbies were also along the same lines, and we both had the same type of issues with our families.

Just about everything we could think of we had in common. It was a spontanious and instantly formed friendship, and I loved him right from that first moment.

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