My First Day At CS

I walked into the living room/dining area of CS after filling out over an hour of paper work in their conference room. While in the conferance room doing my paper work to be admitted into CS I had heard his voice out there in the main area of the group home. I was nervous at that time. All the people there were new, and I didn’t know anything about him or any of the others.

I shyly walked into the living room and was directed to put my things in one of the 2 bedrooms on the girls side of the house. Most people still don’t understand the difficulty of being a trans male, so regardless of the fact that myslef and all of my friends and my fiance identify me as a male, I wasn’t allowed on the boy’s side of the house, based upon nothing other than what I was biologically born with.

After putting away my personal belongings I met a few of the other middle and highschool students occupying the house. A was the youngest and the first one to speak to me. At only 12 years old she had been brought there for multipule reasons of which I won’t go into at the moment. The others had gone out for a group activity, so I still had not actually met J nor did I know he even exsisted at that point.

Being settled in, I left the house for a few hours to take care of errands. (Being 18, there were different expectations for me than for the others there ranging in age between 12-17. They wanted to promote independance with their older “young people”, so we were required to be outside of any of their facilities between 10am and 4pm.) After I had done a few things, I went to M mall, which was right across an intersection from the CS building. I bought a coconut flavoured bubble milk tea in a small restaruant in the mall. It happened to be the only place in the city where you can buy bubble milk tea anymore. I walked through the mall sipping on my drink, then headed back to CS.

I could feel myself becoming nervous again as I neared the building. It was nearly dinner time at CS, which meant that everyone would be there when I went inside. What would the others be like? Would it just be another group of people i’d end up having to avoid? Or would I actually make a friend here?

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